Universal fishing base


Extru Fish bait does not come from waste raw materials from the food industry, but is entirely made of an extruded mixture of natural raw materials (from the highest quality selected cereal grains, lupins, full-fat soybeans, extruded cakes - sunflower, coconut, hemp).

Therefore, it strongly attracts all species of whitefish. Energy of 14.55 MJ and protein level of 27% is a great base for mixing boilies.

Natural dyes change the color of the bait after contact with water.


białko surowe wapń włókno surowe fosfor sód popiół surowy
protein Ca crude fibre P Na crude ash
27% 0,33% 2,20% 0,60% 0,11%* 3,79%

*value calculated based on the determination of the NaCl content.


1 kg

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