Classic baits from a Polish manufacturer!

Our classic baits are unique products designed for the most demanding anglers.

They offer natural baits without the addition of food and confectionery waste, which guarantees their high quality and effectiveness. These baits are fully made of an extruded mixture of natural raw materials, which include only the highest quality selected cereal grains, lupins, full-fat soy and extruded sunflower, coconut and hemp cake.


- Cereal grains - selected grains provide an excellent nutritional base, attracting various species of fish

- Lupine - a natural source of protein that increases the attractiveness of the bait

- Full-fat soy - enriches the mixture with valuable fats and proteins

- Extruded cakes:

       - Sunflower - contains natural oils and proteins

       - Coconut - adds fat-rich ingredients that attract fish

       - Hemp - known for its nutritional properties

The baits are available in 12 different flavors that have been carefully selected to meet different fishing conditions and fish preferences. Each aroma has been developed for maximum effectiveness and attractiveness.


These baits are perfect for various fishing techniques, both for amateurs and professionals. They can be used in rivers, lakes and other water bodies, ensuring effective lure of fish to the fishing site.

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