Why Us?

We are a family company, being on the market since 1997. Small retail outlet, in only 5 years, transformed into a professional warehouse base, and in 2014 the launch of the extruders production began. Years of experience in combination with great passion, allows us to provide You with the ultimate products. We believe that quality empowers success!

Extru products are made of the highest quality:

  • wheat seeds
  • lupine
  • full-fat soybean
  • press cakes
  • extruded oilseeds

They include:

  • exogenous and endogenous acids
  • vitamin complex
  • fish meat
  • worm and larva meal

We don't use any preservatives nor artificial food coloring!

Our products do NOT come from the food industries waste.

What makes us stand out?


The most friendly technical processing of cereals which is performed in high temperature, in a short time.

We support Ours!

We use the best components from Polish farmers for the extrusion process!

Extrusion means better:

digestive features


nutritional value

How does it work?

Organic Extrusion:

  • enzyme activity, which is why the extruded products are more durable
  • diseases, e.g. salmonellosis
  • the risk of contamination of the raw material with Mokotoxins

Thanks to the extrusion process:

  • extruded products have excellent nutritional properties
  • digestion process of the groundbait's ingredients takes place much easier
  • the products are pasteurized
  • unwanted microorganisms are being eliminated
  • the shelf life of the product is elongated

The quality of our products is confirmed by the following testing institutes:

  • Poznań University of Life Sciences
  • Experimental Department of the Feed Production Technology and Aquaculture in Muchocin (ZDTPPiA in Muchocin)
  • Analytical Laboratory of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection
You can see the test results here.