Extru Fish Ambassadors

Olin Gutowski

He knows „How It’s Caught”, because he owns „ fishing rods”. Host of the TVN Turbo’s fishing program and the author of the popular Youtube Channel. An Actor, voice over, dubbing actor, a cartoonist, an archeologist by education – a man of many talents, but above all – an angler, with a big “A”. His tutorial, advises and fishing expeditions, are followed by thousands of viewers. He also shares his knowledge and experience with us – in the Extru Fish offer you will find ground baits prepared according to his original formula.

  • PERSONAL BEST: catfish 62 kg (136,7 lbs), 206 cm

Jan Tyma

Every free moment he has - he spends by the water and willingly spreads his passion onto others, including the youngest. He started fishing adventure at the age of seven. A job titan, always willing to help. It is impossible not to like him - always kind and with a broad smile. For 4 years, he has been angling for carps and willingly sharing his trip reports on social media. He practices ecological fishing and is more and more successful at competitions. Privately - Michalina's fiance, professionally - perfect Sushi Master.

  • Committed to the principle: CATCH and LET GO
  • PERSONAL BEST: carp 20,8 kg (46,5 lbs)

Michał Więczkowski

He held the first rod at the age of 7. And it stayed that way. He relaxes by the water and his sense of humor makes fishing with him not only a pleasure, but also great fun. His interesting life story inspires others to develop and pursue their goals. Living proof that it's worth pursuing your passions, following your dreams, even despite the obstacles. Privately, a husband, father of two wonderful children and a entrepreneur.

  • Committed to the principle: CATCH and LET GO
  • PERSONAL BEST: carp 13 kg (28,1 lbs), caught with a feeder