2mm pellets

2mm pellets are one of the two basic elements of the method feeder adventure.

Our 2mm pellets are not only exceptionally effective, but also naturally colorful, which makes them an indispensable element in any fishing adventure. Regardless of whether you fish in summer or winter, our 2mm pellets will provide you with reliability and efficiency in all conditions.

Discover with us unique aromas and compositions that will make your fishing even more satisfying.

Our EXTRU products are made from natural raw materials. They contain extruded cereal grains, oil expanders, milk proteins, vitamins, exogenous and endogenous amino acid complexes, omega-3, herbs, spices, appetite stimulants, and protein hydrolysates.

Thanks to carefully selected ingredients and innovative production technology, our pellets are not only attractive to fish, but also easily dissolved and stay on the hook for a long time. This is an excellent choice for any angler looking for reliable baits that guarantee success on any fishing site. Get ready for seasonal challenges with our 2mm pellets and enjoy full fishing all year round!

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