Pellet 2mm strawberry-fish!

The red color and sweet scent of strawberry combined with a hint of stinking fish is a combination that makes this bait irresistibly tempting for fish. Thanks to its innovative production, it is not only effective, but also natural, which makes it an ideal choice for any season.

It works well on cooler days of spring. Their unique formula attracts fish even in the most difficult conditions, ensuring successful fishing in every situation. And in summer, when fish become more capricious, these lures are a reliable ally that will ensure your success even during the most demanding fishing.


Extru Fish Method Feeder series products were created for the most demanding anglers who pay attention to environmental protection.

Our products are made from natural raw materials. They contain extruded cereal grains, oil expanders, milk proteins, vitamins, exogenous and endogenous amino acid complexes, omega-3, herbs, spices, appetite stimulants, and protein hydrolysates.

The composition and taste have been selected according to the fish's preferences.


białko tłuszcz wapń włókno fosfor sód

witaminy i aminokwasy

protein fat Ca fiber P Na vitamins, amino acids
30% 10% 1% 2,2% 0,5% 0,11%
500 g

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